Friday, July 13, 2012

My Thoughts, My Opinions

Hey Sports Talk Fans,

Well as you know this week we had two questions for you to give your opinion on. 1) Will Peter Bourjos be traded? 2) Where will Shane Doan end up? Well I heard your opinions now it is time to hear mine and others(:

Question 1 was probably the one with the few answers and thats probably because not many people think about the Angels and Bourjos. Honestly, I am probably the biggest Peter Bourjos fan you will ever find, don't let other people say other wise. Many people probably are more dedicated, but the moment he leaves they will leave him. Anyways, I honestly think that they won't trade Bourjos. Though they do need starting pitching, I don't think they will trade their future especially with Torii Hunter's contract up next year. Instead I think they should try and deal Vernon Wells. Yes I know he is hurt, but make a package deal and you should be golden. on twitter answered and said that if Dan Harren and Ervin Santana countinue the way they are then they will trade Bourjos. And again I think they may think about trading him, but in the end won't. IF they do then so help them they will need to learn that when you have a young, cheap player you keep them even if they are benched and you know an outfielder who makes way more is a free agent next year,

Question 2 is probably the question I don't know how to answer. Shane Doan has a list of 16 teams interested him. I honestly think he will stay with Phoenix no matter if the owner situation is cleared up or not. He has been with them forever and last year they made it to the Western Conference Championship game where they lost to the LA Kings. Honestly, they have all the elements to make the finals and win them. They did lose that game in overtime, to one of the hottest teams at the time, and the eventual champions, lets be real now. If he doesn't stay I have no idea where he will go, but even though I said yesterday the Kings probably won't be his choice I have rethought that and think that he will end up with the Kings or Sharks. Like Guymons commented on the last blog: the teams are starting to be stacked and maybe Doan will go to the Sharks because they have the elements to make a championship run. @Dsguymon also agreed with me and said that Shane Doan should stay where he is at.

Thats my breakdown of this weeks questions.

Next weeks questions will be out on Sunday, be looking out for them!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Signing Frenzies

Hello Sports Talk Fans,

Looks like the free agent frenzy is still happening in the NBA. The NHL has died down since free agency started July 1st. NFL has no major news coming from it and the MLB is silent during the All Star Break. I have the latest break down on everything that happened in the NBA yesterday and latest NHL news.

First the only thing we know about whats happening in the NFL is that Drew Brees and the Saints still are no where close to finalizing a deal and I honestly don't see it happening by Monday. I think Brees may be in a new uniform next year, but that's for you to judge and decide.

The NHL is not so chaotic, there were only 2 major things I found necessary to report on. 1) Rick Nash has a trade list and not one Canadian team is on it. Looks like Vancouver is out of the running for a cup next year? Again your choice to decide on that one. 2) Shane Doan has a list of 16 team interested in him. He announced he is looking to cut that list down to about 4 or 5, but still is holding out on making a decision. I think the LA Kings may be cut from that list only because I do not believe they will need him. You decide on that too. Also make sure to comment with where you think Shane Doan will end up.

The NBA is where all the chaos is happening right now. Major news coming out yesterday that the Brooklyn Nets deal for Dwight Howard has fallen through. Honestly I don't think that he will ever get  traded at this point. Nash was officially announced a Laker yesterday at his press conference. Will be interesting to see how the Lakers are next season. Look like Marcus Camby is heading to the Knicks for Toney Douglas, Josh Harrelson, Jerome Jordan, and future 2nd round draft picks. In a separate deal the Houston Rockets traded Kyle Lowery to Toronto for Gary Forbes and a future first round lottery pick. Dorell Wright went to the 76ers and Jarrett Jack went to the Warriors. Probably the biggest news to me is the Jeremy Lin will be staying in New York as a Knick and as a starter. I honestly thought he would be in Houston and even if he stayed a Knick I never thought he would start since they are trying to make a deal for Jason Kidd.

Thats it for the latest news on Sports Talk. Get your comments in about our two questions of the week and you could be featured on Friday's Blog.

Will the Los Angeles Angels trade Peter Bourjos?

Where will Shane Doan end up?

Answer via twitter or the comments below.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And the ESPY goes too.....

Hello sports fanatics,

This is another edition of Sports Talk and we are discussing the Winners of the ESPYs. I agree with some and I disagree with others and now I am here to break it down.

Best Male Athlete went to LeBron James. I couldn't agree with this award more. Yes I am a Lebron fan, but I am also an Aaron Rodgers fan and Justin Verlander Fan. LeBron was the one who led the Heat to the finals, He led the team to the Championship with Bosh out for some of the playoffs and Wade battling a knee injury it was Lebron's time to shine and he did just that. The Fans got it right.

Best Female Athlete went to Brittney Griner and I can honestly say although I don't watch college basketball let alone college womens basketball, I have heard amazing things about her. She deserves this award because 1) The winter olymics have passed and Vonn will have her time when they come around again if she participates and 2) Wambach will have her time after the olympics and next world cup. Sharapova was a close second, but she just came back from injury and needs to prove more to the fans. Again the fans got it right.

Best Championship Performance could have gone to any of the nominees, but it went to Lebron James. Again a great choice. He led the team to that Finals victory. He deserves this for all the reasons he deserved male athlete. Next year it may be a different story though. Fans are on a roll.

Best Breakthrough Athlete could have gone to 4 of these 5. The only one I wouldn't have given it to was Alex Morgan, and trust me I am a huge fan of hers, but it isn't a national soccer time, no world cups, no olympics yet, no major tournament. Honestly the fans couldn't have gone wrong with this, even if I thought that RG3 or Gronk should have one for personal reasons, and they chose Jeremy Lin. Fans are right again.

Best Record-Breaking Performance should have gone to Mariano Rivera, but it went to Drew Brees. The reason I believe that Rivera should have won the award is because he is by far the best closer in baseball and I am sure some will agree and some will disagree, but it is the truth. When you think closers in baseball you think him. When you think best QB in the NFL you will hear many names. In my opinion the fans got it wrong.

Best Upset went to the LA Kings as it should have. Trust me I am a Kings fan and I will always route for them, but in my blog I always ask other people there opinions and listen, thats why I choose comments to put into my blog. However like many have said #15 seeds upset #2 seeds more often than an 8th seed wins the Stanley cup, why do I say that? Because the LA Kings were the 1st team to do so. This award the fans got right.

Best Game went to the NFL Playoff game and honestly it could have gone to any of the games that were nominated. Probably one of the only awards I have no opinion on. Good job fans.

Best Moment went to Tebow and the Broncos which was very wrong in my opinon. Yes, no one thought they would win, let alone force overtime. However, the 2 of the 3 moments left were probably very shocking. I am not a golf person by any means, but to see Bubba Watson win and start crying was very touching, to watch Derek Jeter get 5 hits in one game and one of those happened to be his 3,000th was astonishing. Those should have won over an NFL Sudden Death win. Fans, I have to disagree with you.

Best Comeback went to Matthew Stafford and again I disagree. Johan Santana was my pick to win it all. Not only is a pitcher coming back from a shoulder injury and being back up to where he was before astonishing, he also threw the first no-hitter for the mets. That explains it all. Fans, again I disagree.

Best Team went to the Heat, I disagree completely. Lebron was the whole team for the Heat and a team is more than one guy. My two choices were the Cardinals and the Kings. Yes, I was pulling for the LA Kings because they are my hometown team and they did the unthinkable by winning the stanley cup as an 8th seed, not even making the playoffs until the last day, and having one of the worst offensive teams in the league. Yes you can say Jonathon Quick won the stanley cup for them, but you also need to score in the first place. Moving on to the Cardinals, it was a team effort to win that World Series Trophy and they all had to contribute to pitching, hitting, and defense. Fans got this all wrong.

I know I left a lot of catagories out, but these were the biggest and we would have been here all day and night going over the teams.
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Todays Question: MLB related: Do you think the LA Angels will trade CF Peter Bourjos to find a Starting Pitcher or offensive guy? We will be discussing this later in the week and I want to hear what you have to say. Tweet or Comment below to answer!

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